Radon Safety Essay

Situation: Radon gas emits Alpha particles which may cause lung cancer if inhaled by an individual. Several friends of yours are purchasing a new home in an area where you understand that radon gas may be common.

Question: What advice would you give to your friends who are considering purchasing a new home in an area where radon gas levels may be high? One of the friends suggests that inexpensive tests can be performed and most problems can be remediated. Do you agree?

As a matter of fact people come across different dangers every minute of their life and often they even do not realize that they avoided some risk by turning right or left and not going ahead, for instance. If my friends decide to purchase a house or a flat in the area where their health may be at risk and radon may be common, I will surely try to dissuade them from doing that because health is the most precious thing a person has. One should never neglect it for any reason because no material benefit in choosing a flat or house will do good if the main principle of welfare: safe life is not followed.

Radon is a natural gas which has no smell or taste and is ubiquitous, it may be brought home with soil and may easily get into the air we breathe. As it is found all over they United States, a number of organizations and associations, the Environmental Protection Agency or World Health Organization for example, try to raise awareness of people and encourage them to test their dwelling in order to make sure it is safe. Home testing is essential not only for dwelling of those people whose area is supposed to be at risk but also those who consider their home safe from any poisonous gas. It may also come with water and inhalated by children as well as adults. What is more, this radioactive gas results in lung cancer among those who do not smoke and is considered to be the second main cause of cancer after smoking. Tom Kelly, Director of EPA’s Indoor Environments Division reported: “We know that radon is a carcinogen. Our research confirms that breathing low levels of radon can lead to lung cancer.” It is easy to conclude that even low level of radon is considerably dangerous. The scale of threat has already grained serious even global character as it takes about 25,000 lives every year. The Lung Association’s activity is closely connected with radon spreading in flats and houses.

If my friends really choose this area to live, they should test everything beforehand in order not to suffer from radon symptoms later. If the level of radon happens to be abnormal, they have to give up the idea of purchasing home in that area. But my friends should do necessary checking before signing any agreements or contracts and make sure their life and health will not be endangered. If one of the friends suggests to have some inexpensive test on radon made, I will probably disagree with that, it I get to know they are made by amateurs not professionals. I think we should not economize on that. Only thorough testing will help to discover the presence or absence of poisonous radon. After all, if there are any doubts about that place of living, it is better not purchase it and think everything over again.

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