Research Paper on The Advantages of Text Messaging in Collegiate Recruiting

Nowadays, communications play an extremely important role and their wide application often leads to the significant changes in different areas and activities. In this respect, collegiate recruiting is not an exception. It should be said that the progress of technologies is unstoppable and it is simply illogical to prevent coaches and recruits to use text messaging as a means of communication in the process of recruiting. In fact, conservative specialists oppose to the introduction of such innovations, but, objectively speaking, it is obvious that the college coaches should be allowed to use text messaging as an effective method of communicating with recruits during the recruitment process for their athletic programs. Obviously, this step could facilitate te interaction of coaches and recruits and increase the effectiveness of the process of recruitment through the increasing effectiveness of athletic programs.
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Job Analysis Essay

The problem of the recruiting of well-qualified, professional and creative employees is one of the major problems many contemporary companies face in the process of search of new employees. At the same time, employees also want to find a good job and be employed not because of some personal qualities but because of their current achievements and the potential they have. In such a situation, the analysis and objective assessment of the achievements and potential of employees are of a paramount importance and, in this respect, job analysis is playing increasingly more important role in the process of recruiting. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Management Issues in Sanmina Sci: Redundancy

This paper is focused on the problem of redundancy in Sanmina-SCI. First of all, the company’s position and development are discussed. Than, the main reasons leading to the redundancy are analysed. It should be pointed out that the reasons of redundancy are discussed both in the economy in general and in the company, in particular. Furthermore, the process of the redundancy in Sanmina-SCI that is particularly significant in the US and partially Western Europe is discussed and the emphasis is made on the fact that the plants situated in these areas suffer the most while the plants and employees in developing countries are in quite a good, if not to say privileged position because they are a cheaper alternative to those in developed countries. This fact reveals the general trend in the economic development of developed and developing countries and is typical for large multinational corporations. Finally, the consequences of the redundancy are briefly analysed. Continue reading