Project Management Research Paper

The development of new technologies has brought considerable changes in the traditional concept of project management. In fact, due to the development of new technologies the notion of project management in its traditional interpretation has been broadened substantially. At the same time, it is also obvious that project management is growing to be more and more important in the modern society since even the most advanced and sophisticated technologies are, in actuality, based on project management which is the major tool for planning, scheduling and realization of various programs. Nowadays, it is hardly possible to underestimate the role of project management because even such a widely known company as Microsoft pays a particular attention to the development of its project management. Continue reading

Data Input and Output Essay

The methods of input of data may vary consistently. For instance, for printed questionnaires, the traditional method of input implies the use of computers’ keyboard by means of which the information that is supposed to be printed in a questionnaire is input. The same method may be used for long documents, though this may imply the use of different software applications. For instance, for printed questionnaires the simplest word processors may be used, while long documents may use Microsoft Excel, especially if there are a lot of statistical information, and other applications. Continue reading

Essay on Ethical Aspect of Unauthorized File-sharing

Digital technologies progress with every day and thus change people use electronic goods and entertainment. The development of this sphere has caused tension between copyright holders and consumers of digital goods or services. The perfection of digital technology has shifted the importance of time and location for the digital entertainment. This is why the industry of entertainment has lost its ability to fully control the distribution of digital goods. Continue reading

Essay on Databases Used in a Car Plant

Usage of databases is one of the key leading to great success in car manufacturing industry. Though, different car manufacturers use different kinds of databases, it is very important to choose the database which would be the most suitable for this or that car plant. Before speaking about databases used in car plants, it is necessary to define what a database is. Any database constitutes “a collection of data that is organized so that its contents can easily be accessed, managed and updated” [1]. The information stored in a database is in electronic form and can usually be accessed with the help of a computer. Continue reading

Essay on Database Management System in Riordan Manufacturing

In the contemporary economy the problem of efficient data management is of a paramount importance and practically all companies realise this fact and pay a lot of attention to improvement their database management system. This is particularly significant for large companies which database is enormous and naturally needs proper management. Continue reading