Research Paper on The Advantages of Text Messaging in Collegiate Recruiting

Nowadays, communications play an extremely important role and their wide application often leads to the significant changes in different areas and activities. In this respect, collegiate recruiting is not an exception. It should be said that the progress of technologies is unstoppable and it is simply illogical to prevent coaches and recruits to use text messaging as a means of communication in the process of recruiting. In fact, conservative specialists oppose to the introduction of such innovations, but, objectively speaking, it is obvious that the college coaches should be allowed to use text messaging as an effective method of communicating with recruits during the recruitment process for their athletic programs. Obviously, this step could facilitate te interaction of coaches and recruits and increase the effectiveness of the process of recruitment through the increasing effectiveness of athletic programs.
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Research Essay: Youth to Professional Soccer

Nowadays, soccer is one of the most popular games in the entire world. Naturally, many children dream about becoming a professional soccer player. However, often children are unconscious of the possible consequences of such a decision. This is why it is necessary to underline that the decision of a child to become a professional soccer player should be taken after a profound reflections and the participation of parents in this process is extremely important. At the same time, it is necessary to provide a child with an opportunity to make an independent choice of his or her own professional career that implies that the decision to become a professional soccer player should be conscious and rely on the child’s understanding of the essence of this profession, its advantages and possible disadvantages. Continue reading

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