An Analysis of Shogun by James Clavell

James Maresq Clavell wrote a lot of novels about East. Several years spent in a Japanese death camp gave him an opportunity to learn the history, culture and traditions of this country from inside. In his books, Clavell builds a bridge between East and West, joining together two different civilizations, two different ways of thinking. Shogun is a first part of the Asian Saga. The novel is written in a form of historical fiction and both, readers who appreciate adventurous and action novel and those, who like history, will find it useful and interesting reading. Shogun is a story about an English pilot from the ship named Erasmus, who has to go into a dangerous sale in order to break the Portuguese monopoly on the trade with Japan. The story is a mixture of war, death, trade conflicts, love, passion and beautiful descriptions, which interlace in skillful story lines and make the reader interested till the end of the novel. Continue reading

Book Report Essay: “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner

William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” was originally published in the April 30, 1930. An unnamed narrator describes the strange circumstances of Emily’s life and her strange relationships with her father, her lover, and the horrible mystery she conceals. The action takes place in the town of Jefferson, the county seat of Yoknapatawpha. Jefferson is a critical setting in much of Faulkner’s fiction. The principal themes of the story are: bitterness, resentment, generation gap, disillusionment and suppressed forbidden love. Continue reading

Essay on Tar Baby by Toni Morrison

“Tar Baby” by Toni Morrison is one of the most interesting novels written by the author. This book deals with many problems and themes but probably one of the central themes of the novel is the conflict between its main characters Jadine and Son. Actually, the writer has managed to depict a paradoxical situation when two persons love each other, or at least they tell so, but they cannot really be together between of the dramatic difference in their views and perception of the world. In fact the difference in their ideologies becomes the main problem that separates them and make their love practically impossible and doomed to fail. Continue reading

Death in Literature Essay

Attitude to death has been always taking a special place in literature, as it’s one of the mot mysterious and contradictory topics in literature. Attitude to death which is proposed by religion and traditional secular consciousness are very different and these differences cause unequal evaluation of death and unequal attitude to death of different people. Continue reading

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War and Society. “A Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemingway Essay

Wars have always played a certain important, sometimes even vital role for individuals, nations and the whole world. The reasons of most wars were different, but usually the main goals were the same, i.e. either to gain more power or to change the political order of this or that country. However wars brought seldom something good to people, only sufferings, losses and hardships. But on the other hand they say that sufferings help individuals to develop their best moral qualities, stand for their high moral ideals, this could be true to life to some extent. In this paper, using the example of war, described in the famous book by Ernest Hemingway – “A Farewell to Arms”, we would try to investigate what positive could war bring to the mind and to the heart of a person and whether it is in general possible, that after seeing all the hardships and cruelty of the war a person’s inner world changes to better. Continue reading

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